My Bank/CreditCard is showing 2 orders from your website.
This happens with some Banks and Credit Card systems. This is not actually a duplicate charge.'s credit card system does an AUTH and a CAPTURE command. Some banks will show both transactions, but after a day or two it will drop off of your statement. Restaurants do something similar when you start a tab or leave a tip. If the charge does not drop off after a couple of days, please contact support.
I clicked "CHECKOUT" and nothing happened.
It's possible for your purchase to timeout while finishing your address information. If this happens, please go back to the checkout page and try again.
How do I receive my tickets?
ALL tickets purchased on the website are automatically emailed to you. Please print this email off as these are your physical tickets. Some venues will require an ID or the purchaser of the ticket to be present at entry.
I bought tickets for the wrong show or the wrong night - can i get a refund?
This is completely up to the venue. has no control over this. Please contact the Venue where your show is.
Can I get a refund?
Please contact your venue.
I'm 17 - can I attend the show?
Please contact your venue for age restrictions, has no control over this.
I bought tickets for a friend/family-member, but the tickets have my name on them - can they get in?
The answer is usually "yes". The tickets have the purchaser's name on them for security reasons. Please contact the venue to be sure though.
Can I have tickets mailed to me?
Yes, Please contact for pricing and information on this, however, the electronic tickets you print off will work for entry.
I lost my confirmation email, and need to print my tickets.
Please log into your account, and go to "My Account" then "Order History" and you will see all of your orders.
My card was declined.
Our system communicates directly with your credit card provider, they simply send back a YES or a NO and sometimes they will send a REASON which we will show you. Plesae double check your ZIPCODE used, as this is often what is mis-matched on declined orders. If your card is declined, contact your bank, cannot "manually" push a card through if it's being declined on the website.

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