The House of Songs Presents : OSOG Family
Mar 7th 7:00 PM
The House of Songs Presents : OSOG Family

The House of Songs Presents : OSOG Family
House of Songs & Georges

The House of Songs Presents : OSOG Family

6:00 PM
Mar 7th 2019 · 7:00 PM (Thu)
Mar 7th 2019 · 10:00 PM (Thu)
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519 W Dickson St, Fayetteville, AR 72701
18 and Up
Rock, Folk

Rock/Roots Band from Israel

OSOG stands for “On Shoulders Of Giants,” honoring their musical roots, and on the way to their unique sound, they have done some deep listening. You may be tempted to think: Americana, and that would be true, because their life-water comes from the same well. But the creature nurtured on it, was born on the crossroads, in the Middle East, with the world in its ears. The nine-person band features acoustic instruments, yet they are played with a 21st century sensibility.  It sounds like traditional Gospel and Blues, not because it is written in that manner or in imitation; if you listen to the music you soon realize that it is a raging devil-child of diverse influences (blues, folk, rock, punk, reggae – to name a few) and striking originality. OSOG’s music feels like traditional blues or gospel because they are harnessed to the same, ultimately subversive task: truth-telling.