Matt Gilmour Band
Jan 18th 8:00 PM
Matt Gilmour Band

8:00 PM

Matt Gilmour Band

Matt Gilmour Band
7:00 PM
Jan 18th 2020 · 8:00 PM (Sat)
Jan 18th 2020 · 11:30 PM (Sat)
128 West Central Ave, Bentonville, AR 72712
Refund Policy
No Refunds Unless Canceled or Rescheduled
Blues, Rock
All Ages
$10.00 - $20.00
Matt Gilmour Band is coming to the Meteor!!! The Keys opening the show at 8:00pm Doors at 7:00pm

The Matt Gilmour Band


Matt Gilmour – A.J. Vincent – Mike Hidalgo


For a long time, singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Matt Gilmour didn’t take life very seriously. He didn’t have to. He was in love, young and healthy, and music was in his genes. However, a series of painful and transformative events found him heartbroken, fighting for his life, and facing some serious realizations.


“After I was diagnosed with cancer, something in me changed,” Matt shares. “I was fed up with who I was, and I knew I needed to start many things in my life from scratch.”


Today, through brave introspection and hard work, Matt has emerged triumphant with his life reclaimed. The English-born, Austin, Texas-based artist is now making music on his own terms with his band of brothers in The Matt Gilmour Band. He’s forging his own legacy with a distinct cinematic psych-rock aesthetic and a ground-breaking live performance streaming series.


The Matt Gilmour Band is an interstellar vehicle that plays psychedelic rock with touches of prog, blues, indie, folk, and funk. The band is a collaborative effort under the banner of The Matt Gilmour Band. “There is no way I could do this without the guys. They’re amazing musicians and amazing friends,” Matt says. In addition to Matt, the band features AJ Vincent on keys, and Mike Hidalgo on drums. The Matt Gilmour Band gigs regionally and nationally, often performing with dazzling light show accompaniment.


Matt was born and raised in England where he grew up watching his father—Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour—from the side of the stage as he captivated arena crowds. Eventually, Matt began to solidify his musical chops and forge his own path discovering his identity through traversing a myriad of musical influences. As a signature sound coalesced, and Matt’s talents shined through, he began to write compelling compositions. One track he posted online caught the ear of legendary producer/engineer and Steppenwolf guitarist Danny Johnson who invited Matt to Austin to record a solo album. That album, The Grey, snapshots Matt in an intimate bluesy folk setting.


His early time in Austin was humbling for Matt. He found himself a small fish in a big pond. Totally out on his own, he struggled to make a living. And the various bands he put together kept imploding.


Another trying time for Matt occurred when he was diagnosed with cancer at just 26, and he had to move back to England for chemo treatment. In a way, the whole experience galvanized Matt. Upon his full recovery, he returned to the US with a renewed sense of purpose. His clarity of mind showed in his lyrics which became less coded, his band lineups became steadier, and his personal musical vision became more unique.